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Why Best-of-Breed Solutions are the Way for Purchase to Pay

In a recent webinar, Gartner analyst Debbie Wilson said, “The Procure-to-Pay for indirect goods and services is a must-have technology. Specialty solution providers are giving a better user experience; they’re giving better access to innovation. There’s a lot of reasons to choose them over your ERP.” We’d like to build on this observation to offer […] Read More

Three Things to Consider in P2P Solutions: Expanding on the Gartner Magic Quadrant

With P2P automation becoming mainstream, customers have a wide variety of capabilities to choose from when looking for a solution – perhaps making the task even more daunting. Gartner recently released their first Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites for Indirect Procurement, pinpointing leaders, visionaries, challengers, and niche players in the space. This report gives companies […] Read More

Three Things for Procurement and Finance that We Learned at the Digital Summit Charlotte

Last week, our Product Management and Marketing teams attended the Digital Summit in Charlotte, N.C. to learn the latest and the greatest about digital marketing and communications. But we found that what we were learning didn’t just apply to us. Many of the great takeaways from the conference apply not only to marketing, sales, and […] Read More

Three Ways to Gain Using Spend Analytics

A guide to what you missed in this week’s webinar – Driving Smarter Spending: Advances in Intelligent Purchase to Pay Didn’t get a chance to attend our webinar this week – Driving Smarter Spending: Advances in Intelligent Purchase to Pay? No sweat – we have an overview for you here. Spend analytics can be a bit […] Read More

How Spend Analytics Can Forge Leaner Purchase to Pay

Spend analytics can do more than give you information on spending – this data can also help you increase productivity and save money by getting leaner on your purchase-to-pay practices. To help you accomplish this, spend analytics identifies areas for improvement for you by: • Pinpointing bottlenecks – Spend analytics can help you determine exactly […] Read More

Three Quick Ways to Affect the Bottom Line with Spend Analytics for P2P

“What gets measured, gets managed” ~ Peter Drucker. As implied by the wise words of Peter Drucker – you can’t gain control over what you’re not measuring. That’s why it’s so important for companies to really dive into their purchase-to-pay (P2P) data and truly understand the landscape of spending and how it is related to […] Read More

Five Critical Purchase-to-Pay Capabilities for Facilities Management

Light bulbs, refrigerator parts, plumbing needs, complimentary toiletries for guests, bedding, cash drawer repairs, labor – are you capturing every expense involved with keeping your multiple properties up and running down to the washers in your faucets? What if one of your roofs sprung a major leak today – would your facilities manager be able […] Read More

Keep Approvals from Lagging this Holiday Season

Travel is ramping up across the country with the holiday season right around the corner. AAA predicts that more than 46 million Americans will travel for the Thanksgiving weekend alone. Travel time combined with working remote and running holiday errands will take employees out of the office and away from their computers more than usual. […] Read More

Driving Smarter Spending

Key Requirements for Intelligent Spend Management Organizations that move towards implementing automated procurement solutions generate vast amounts of digital spend data. This data is being generated in real time and can encompass many different sources such as user spend data, supplier performance and external system intelligence around financial performance. This raw data does not always […] Read More

Ten Ways to Increase User Adoption for Your Purchase-to-Pay System

Businesses investing in Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) systems want increased efficiency in their procurement operations. But a system alone does not create efficiency. To reap the benefits of accurately tracking budgets, streamlining approval processes, and controlling spend, focus must be centered on user adoption from the start. Purchase-to-Pay software is designed to make purchasing easier for the […] Read More