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Successful System Implementation Means Better Not Just Faster

When an organization is suffering from poor visibility and control of spending, it’s easy to see why rapid implementation of a purchase-to-pay system seems like paradise. However, before jumping at the promise of speed, it’s critical to understand that a rapid rollout alone does not guarantee quick time to value. It’s more important that a system [...] Read More

Ease of Use Means More than an Attractive User Interface

Ask any sponsoring executive to name the leading criteria for selecting a purchase-to-pay software solution, and ease of use will be at the top of the list. However, very few decision makers have a firm grasp on what ease of use really means. Many organizations get distracted by solutions that have attractive user interfaces but do [...] Read More

The Ultimate Shortlist for Sizing Up P2P Providers

Sizing up purchase to pay (P2P) providers can be a challenging task. There are lots of companies out there making lots of promises, and sometimes that makes it difficult to zero in on what’s really important. Getting sidetracked carries the very real risk of making the wrong choice, so how do you keep that from happening? You need [...] Read More

Are You Making Important Business Decisions Based on the Wrong Criteria?

When it comes to identifying purchase to pay (P2P) solutions, many organizations are making very important business decisions based on the wrong criteria. Years of experience have trained us to see exactly what’s happening, and it’s hard to watch. Providers selected by some organizations are distracting them with easy decisions, and robbing them of the [...] Read More

Automation Holds Answers for Better Supplier Contract Management

Most organizations spend a lot of time negotiating terms with their suppliers. Unfortunately, many lack the internal controls to ensure that their hard-fought supplier contracts are used well. The resulting off-contract spending and poor negotiating leverage rob companies of millions in profit every year. In response to these expensive challenges, many organizations are turning to automation, [...] Read More

How to Improve Your Profits by This Time Next Year

Are your 2013 profits less than expected? Are you convinced that it’s due to out of control spending? Is it hard for you to get a grip on how much non-compliant spending is going on, and where it’s happening due to a lack of detailed visibility into your purchase to pay (P2P) processes? If you [...] Read More

Change Management – Overcoming the Three Biggest Challenges

If not taken seriously, managing change can become a significant obstacle to successfully implementing purchase-to-pay (P2P) automation technology. Even though P2P automation promises to relieve the sizeable burdens caused by paper or other poorly performing systems, people can be stubborn and resistant to change. This resistance to change can needlessly hamper an automation project, or [...] Read More

Why You Want to Budget for ELEVATE 2014 Right Now

Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of year again – the holidays are just around the corner! If you’re like us, that also means your team is already embroiled in budget planning for next year. Just a reminder – don’t forget to budget for you and your team to attend Verian’s ELEVATE [...] Read More

How Top Purchasing Departments See Over Their Spend Horizon

A recent IBM study found companies with high performing purchasing departments delivered 23% more to their bottom lines.* That’s pretty impressive. So how did they do it? And what does “high performing” really mean? Performing at that level depends on leveraging a core set of procurement capabilities achieved through performance metrics, communication, and standardization. High [...] Read More

Taking the Stress Out of Creating Your Business Case

Well, now you’ve gone and done it. You pushed hard enough for automating purchasing and payables that you’ve been asked to develop a business case. Don’t sweat it. Although a lot of folks get stressed out about it, making a business case for purchase to pay automation is really not that hard. You probably already [...] Read More