Government & Nonprofit Solutions


Industry Overview

In the world of government and nonprofit finance and accounting, every penny you spend is subject to scrutiny. Whether honoring the best interests of taxpayers or a worthy cause, government and nonprofit organizations are expected to meet a higher standard when it comes to financial responsibility. At Verian, we help government and nonprofit organizations fulfill their stringent regulations and guidelines by providing easy-to-use controls and record-keeping capabilities. Our intelligent solutions also provide government and nonprofit stakeholders with complete visibility and transparency into all spending.

Visibility and Accountability

Our software solutions provide enhanced visibility and accountability so you can demonstrate proper stewardship of money entrusted to your organization.


• Gain more visibility into your organization’s spending habits
• View budgets in real time
• Measure budgets vs. actual expenses
• Easily organize and report on all key spending data

Fund Accounting Capabilities

Verian’s suite of solutions meets the specific and unique needs of fund accounting programs.


• Multiple fund reporting
• Line item detail on expenditures
• Specialized budgeting and tracking capabilities

Automated Authorization Workflows

Our automated workflow functionality allows organizations to set customized business rules so each and every purchase is authorized before an order is placed.


• Highly configurable workflows to meet unique and complex approval needs
• Automatic escalations for approvers out of the office or not responding
• Approve or reject purchases or payments on the go using email or smartphones