Heavy Equipment Dealerships


Industry Overview

You may be surprised to know that for heavy equipment dealerships like Caterpillar, annual non-Cat spending ranges anywhere from $40 million to $100 million. Many Caterpillar dealerships in North America use flexible business automation solutions from Verian to save an average of more than $1 million per dealership per year. This type of experience helps us quickly understand the nature of the challenges your dealership may be facing and get down to business. Our suite of solutions offers the flexibility to operate in dealerships with or without centralized purchasing departments. Multi-faceted Verian systems are capable of posting purchases to your work order system and interfacing to financials in other systems like CODA, SAP, and Lawson to name a few.

Managing Purchase Order (PO) Spending

The Verian purchasing system organizes and standardizes the items you order, capturing detailed spending data that can be used to help identify opportunities for vendor consolidation and volume discounts.


• Catalog based eprocurement system that expedites the ordering process
• Flexible approval workflow that routes approvals via email and integrates with smartphones
• Efficient capture system that accelerates reconciling invoices with PO and receiving data

Plugging the Service Work Order Drip

Verian’s automated systems plug holes in procurement processes to ensure complete accuracy of orders and resulting billing processes. We’ve saved our Cat customers millions of dollars solving problems like these.


• Verian applications integrate with your work order and AP systems to ensure proper revenues
• Key information is captured on the front end and passed through without requiring re-entry of data

Verifying & Allocating Non-PO Invoices

Verian helps heavy equipment dealerships verify invoices without purchase orders and effectively post them to work orders.


• Non-PO invoices are converted into online records and routed electronically to service technicians
• Technicians post the charges to appropriate work orders and approve the invoices
• Invoices are routed to accounting or directly into systems like CODA or SAP

Reordering Allied Parts Automatically

The Verian interface to systems like DBS Allied Inventory automates the reordering of allied parts, making the process much more efficient for everyone involved.


• Immediate reorder of parts as par levels are reached in the allied inventory system
• Automated reordering of parts reduces the risk for over/under orders and out of stocks
• Risky double data entry and cumbersome ordering processes are avoided