Oil & Gas


Industry Overview

Growing oil and gas companies like yours face tough financial questions every day. It goes with the territory in the volatile exploration and production business. Do you know what you’re buying, who you’re buying it from, and what prices you’re paying? Do you know where your OCTG inventory is, or when all your assets require maintenance? Do you know where you are against budget for your AFEs? Rather than continuing to struggle with these issues, bring Verian’s considerable experience to bear to help you gain visibility and control of your spending, which in turn will increase your profit on every barrel you sell.

Control Pre-Spud & Post-Spud Purchasing

Whether in pre-spud or post-spud operations, our system makes purchasing easier and more controllable, with much less hassle and headaches.


• Field users enter free-form requests or order from online catalogs for supplies and services
• Create and manage RFQs to ensure competitive bids
• Instant access to all field inventory
• Automatically schedule and track maintenance and repairs
• Complete visibility to all cash commitments from any computer or smart phone

Inventory & Materials Management

For many oil and gas companies, inventory transfers and materials management is a reactive effort of guesswork and spreadsheet manipulation. Our solution gives you more than just pinpoint accuracy into inventory location – you also get detailed cost tracking at your fingertips.


• Delineate your goods as inventory or assets at the point of receiving
• Track the location and fluctuating costs of inventory as it moves in and out of fabrication, retooling or well-site usage
• Have instant access to real-time inventory data including: transfers, adjustments, cycle counts and full physical inventory counts
• Set reorder points so that replenishments are automatically ordered and shipped

Accelerate Workflow with Email Approvals

With a global, mobile oil and gas workforce, paper approvals are too hard to manage, route and track. Instead of paper getting lost in the shuffle or languishing on desks, our system automatically routes approvals via email.


• Approval request emails include full visibility into real-time budget/AFE status
• Integrates with handheld devices for mobile notifications and alerts
• Provides visibility into approval bottlenecks to see who is holding up the process


Our procurement and materials management automation system houses all your spend data in one place, making it easy to generate reports and analytics in a matter of minutes. We offer a dashboard of analytics and KPIs.

Features (Standard reports)

• AFE budget vs. actual
• Accrual (cash commitments) report
• Spending by vendor
• Spend by AFE
• Spend by well
• Category spend statistics
• Inventory by location including price description, quantities, etc.
• Part number history