Other Industries


Industry Overview

In addition to our key vertical markets, Verian also serves a wide array of other industries including insurance, manufacturing, travel & leisure, aerospace, education, logistics, engineering and motion pictures. How can we help such diverse companies process purchases and invoices less expensively, increase financial visibility and better control spending? The flexibility and breadth of our solution is a key factor, but just as important is our unique approach to gaining new clients.


Listening Comes First

At Verian, before we do anything else, we stop to listen.

Based on your input we provide you with an idea of the modules, set-up options and deployment modes that are most appropriate for your organization. If for some reason we cannot provide an affordable solution that fits your needs, we will suggest an alternative solution or provider.

An Introductory Review

If you want to learn more, we schedule an introductory review of the most relevant features, functions and benefits of our software to your organization. The consultative discussions are more detailed and new needs are often discovered. At this point, customers typically begin to appreciate the breadth and flexibility of our solutions.

A More Detailed Demonstration

A more detailed demonstration follows – often including users, managers and IT stakeholders. Each stakeholder gets an opportunity to see the software and how it will benefit them. The conversation often revolves around integrating procurement and invoicing best practices into existing processes and procedures. Change management is a key issue for most organizations and we help you understand what has worked for other companies just like yours.

A Proposal Fit to You

Based upon your choices, we develop a proposal and then you make your decision. Every step of the way we are there to help you create one solution, fit to you.