Industry Overview

Like most retail and grocery chains, you’ve optimized purchasing and paying for your merchandise. But as you’ve grown, you’ve noticed the need for the same kind of savings and efficiency on the other side of the aisle – indirect and capital spending. It’s difficult to control and report spending in large categories like construction, NFR goods, store operations, IT, and travel because your ERP system probably doesn’t have good reporting on items that are ordered and approved across functions. For non-merchandise spending, retailers need to streamline how POs and invoices are approved and accrued. Employee expense reports need the same level of attention. At Verian, we understand because we’ve helped many retailers like you use technology to gain visibility into spending, process invoices more quickly, and reduce costs.

More Control over Construction & NFR Spending

To ease NFR purchasing, requisitioners order goods from electronic catalogs with contracted prices built in. To make construction purchasing easier, our solution flows the bill of materials directly from AutoCAD (or other CAD programs) into our purchasing system – eliminating the need for any manual data entry.


• All goods from the BOM are automatically keyed to the correct items in an electronic catalog
• Requisitioners order products as individual items or as a kit of goods
• Procure everything from NFR items like hangers, bags, and toilet paper to promotional materials, store fixtures, IT equipment, office products and services through easy-to-use online catalogs
• Track spending, negotiate volume discounts and gain visibility into all indirect spending

Streamlined Invoice Processing

Verian’s Invoice Manager captures paper in our proprietary eMerge™ system that automatically merges all supplier invoices into your financial system, whether you receive them via mail, fax, email, portal or EDI/cXML.


• Automatically calculate accruals, sort, and route invoices for approval
• Match invoices to original contracts or vendor quotes to ensure you’re paying the agreed price
• Use email and smart phone authorizations to speed approval process

 Visibility into Construction Budgeting

Verian’s system creates a central data repository for construction spend that can be accessed, updated, and shared across the enterprise.


• Connect project management and accounting systems
• Reconcile each system with updated budget and spend-to-date information
• Give everyone real-time visibility into every line item of every construction budget

Easier Expense Report Creation

Verian’s Expense Manager makes it easy for both retail managers and employees to create, process, and approve expense reports.


• Integrate expense reports with TripIt, organizing trip details into one online master itinerary
• Associate trips, travel expenses and receipts in just a few clicks
• Automatically calculate mileage reimbursement through Google Maps