Expense Manager: Easily Report and Track All Employee Spending

A complete system for all of your spending needs to capture T&E. Expense Manager makes Travel & Expense reporting painless, while giving you greater control and insight into how employees spend company money.


Expense Manager automates expense submissions and approval workflows, electronically matching receipts and charges, and routing the report to the appropriate approver. This enables quick viewing and approving of expense reports – even on mobile devices – and captures all indirect spending in one place.


Verian Expense Manager allows you to approve expense reports quickly and easily so you can:

  • Reimburse employees faster
  • Detect fraud and abuse
  • Capture all spending in one system, regardless of source

Travel & Expenses: No paper, just payments

With Expense Manager, there’s no keeping track of paper receipts or pushing paper reports from one place to another. Employees simply submit charges and images of receipts for expenses – even from their mobile devices. There are no stacks of paper waiting for your signature – everything is matched automatically in the system, where you can:

  • Easily verify expenditures and approve reports
  • Customize reimbursement limits and justification fields
  • Load expenses directly from credit card providers
  • Allow users to connect Google Maps to automatically calculate distance and compare mileage travelled
  • Automatically extract trip data from your travel itineraries to make expense report entry a breeze


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