eProcurement for Healthcare:

Patients Rely On You, You Rely On Us

Verian’s eProcurement for healthcare helps these firms cut costs. In fact, our software solutions were originally developed to address the specialized needs of healthcare. We’ve helped many healthcare organizations get control of their spending and operate more efficiently.

Whitepaper: transforming procurement faster through eProcurement

How it Works

Verian’s cloud eProcurement system for healthcare automates the entire Purchase-to-Pay cycle from order requests to receiving to payment, and logs all inventory details in the system to help you:

Ways eProcurement for Healthcare Can Help Vendors

Now more than ever, healthcare providers are seeking ways to enhance patient care and reduce costs. Using Verian’s eProcurement for healthcare, healthcare professionals can easily procure, store, maintain, and pay for all the products, services and equipment they need to provide better patient care. All expenditures are captured, accurately coded, and processed for payment with a minimum of effort and time.


Connect to Vendors Electronically

Simplify communications with your suppliers by helping them intelligently manage catalogs, place orders, and receive electronic orders:

  • Automatically notify vendors when purchase orders, bids or proposals are available
  • Allow vendors to create and send invoices in just a few clicks
  • Connect to online vendor catalogs that have negotiated terms built in

Automate Materials Management

Optimize your inventory levels and create automatic ordering so supplies never run out:

  • Integrate with bar code scanners to ease materials management
  • Get real-time inventory data on transfers, adjustments, cycle counts, and full physical inventory counts
  • Set reorder points so that replenishment orders are automatically delivered to suppliers
  • Quickly calculate optimal order quantities

Streamline Invoice Processing

Eliminate approval bottlenecks and better manage and track invoices from landscapers, utilities, janitorial services and other vendors who don’t utilize purchase orders:

Streamline Invoice Processing

View comprehensive snapshots of all spending and accruals – making it easier to enforce controls:


At Verian, our mission is to make people’s lives easier and their work more valuable. Our core values are centered on customer success, cohesive teams, and stable, profitable growth. Our commitment to these values is why we deliver the most successful customer projects faster than anyone else.