Purchasing Software for Property Management: 

Multiple Roofs, One System

Light bulbs, refrigerator parts, plumbing needs, complimentary toiletries for guests, bedding, cash drawer repairs, labor – are you capturing every expense involved with keeping your multiple properties up and running, down to the washers in your faucets? What if one of your roofs sprung a major leak today – would your facilities manager be able to immediately check warranties on file, locate technicians in the area, and issue a work order for repairs within a few clicks? With Verian’s property management software solution, you can do this and more.

Webinar: eProcurement and asset management

How it Works

By automating requesting, approval, PO, work order, and invoicing processes, Verian’s property management software solution electronically houses all details related to multiple properties in one central location and integrates Purchase-to-Pay activities with work orders. This gives you insight into where and how money is being spent on running and maintaining facilities, in addition to storing other agreements like warranties and service contracts.

Funneling these processes and documents through an eProcurement system helps you:

  • Streamline work order management and see total cost of ownership for maintaining your properties as a structure, as well as for the assets inside
  • Save more by capturing all costs associated with maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) work from labor to parts – even the unforeseen mishaps
  • Ensure full useful life from assets by tracking warranties and service contracts, and setting alerts for required maintenance services
  • Verify invoices by automatically matching the amount to contract agreement
  • Better understand spending across your facilities by tracking all of the details for each site in one system

The Results

Tracking and accessing all of this information easily is critical for property management, and Verian understands why. Verian’s property management software is helping companies that operate and manage multiple facilities capture all of their spending and facilities management information in one system for easy access and dramatic cost reductions – typically up 5-15% savings off the bottom line.


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