Inventory Manager: Never Overbuy or Run Out of Stock Again

Prevent overbuying and stocking shortages by tracking supplies in your purchasing software solution – regardless if items are in a warehouse or at another site.

Whitepaper: introduction to eProcurement systems


Inventory Manager lets you see everything you have in stock, where it’s being used, and how much is being used at various locations by integrating with the procurement software solution. With Verian, you can ensure you’re properly accounting for and managing all supplies needed at various sites by:

  • Allocating costs to the appropriate cost centers
  • Placing accurate orders based on the needs of different sites
  • Tracking reusable inventory
  • Tracking expiration dates to move inventory where it is being consumed more quickly
  • Moving supplies from one location to another
  • Configuring minimum/maximum levels for automatic replenishments
  • Adjusting valuation of inventory affected by external factors, like commodity prices
  • Auditing all inventory history in your organization


By seeing where supplies are stored and how they are used and ordered across your enterprise within the cloud procurement system, you can identify bulk ordering opportunities and avoid spending money on items you either have in stock or don’t need. This means more savings and easier order fulfillment by simply using what you’ve already bought. With Inventory Manager, you’ll never lose sleep or money over inventory again.

The following capabilities are delivered through verian’s INVENTORY manager.

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Receiving Inventory and Assets

Receiving Inventory and Assets

Who says giving is better than receiving? Verian let’s you see the all of the goods you’ve ordered.


Materials Transfer

Materials Transfer

Verian de-centralizes organizations with material transfer capabilities that automatically record the proper debits and credits as items move from place to place.



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