Purchase Manager: Empowering Strategic Transformation

The heart of the procurement software system – Purchase Manager – makes the purchasing process simple, automated, and paperless, and is the foundation for gaining visibility, control, and savings.

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Purchase Manager automates the entire purchasing process, from requisition to approvals to POs and receiving, with one easy-to-use procurement software solution that is similar to online shopping. The system is built to make it easier for every employee in the company to request the items they need than to go buy things themselves.

With everyone using the system, all of your data is captured so you can see your spending, control approvals and buying, and ensure the items and services you receive are properly billed.


Automating the Purchase-to-Pay cycle allows you to control what’s being bought, track approvals for audits and compliance purposes, and see all of your indirect spending details in the eProcurement solution. Soon your eyes will be opened to areas where you can save money.

  • Negotiating better vendor contracts
  • Identifying opportunities for volume pricing
  • Preventing buying what you already have
  • Stopping rogue spending
  • Creating a more conscientious spending culture

Webinar: Gartner on eProcurement

The following CAPABILITIES are delivered through verian’s purchase manager.

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