Spend Manager: See How Your Spending Stacks Up

With real time visibility via pre-built executive and user-level dashboards, you can see all spending to drive savings and speed up the Purchase-to-Pay process.

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Spend Manager is business intelligence for procurement and financial professionals. With spend management solutions integrated with your procurement software solution, you can have complete visibility from high-level trends to detailed transactions at the click of a mouse. The graphical dashboards give you the big picture at a glance.


Whether you are doing strategic sourcing, financial planning, or simply tracking your budget – you need the answers to these questions:

  • Which vendor did we spend the most with last quarter, and how can we leverage that to negotiate more savings?
  • How long do approvals and order fulfillments take, and where are the bottlenecks?
  • How does our performance compare to the competition, and what are our most significant areas for improvement?
  • Where are the largest areas of off-contract or rogue spending, and who is making those purchases?
  • How much have I spent and committed against my budget?

Move from a more tactical to a more strategic approach of purchasing. Having complete visibility and rich analytical tools for the entire Procure-to-Pay cycle yields more savings, streamlines processes, and mitigates risk.

Webinar: driving smarter spending with purchasing software


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