Secure, Scalable and Low Cost

The Verian Cloud – Secure, Scalable, and Low Cost

Information Security and Data Integrity are not by-products of our process – they are our #1 objective.


The security needs of our clients drive our recommendations

Verian’s multi-tenant cloud solution is scalable, secure and our lowest cost alternative.  However, for those clients with Information Technology departments who are uncomfortable with a multi-tenant cloud, Verian offers a private hosted solution.    Either alternative can meet all your scalability, functionality and security needs.All access to the Verian Cloud is securely controlled.  Secure access is provided to Vendors, Users’ desktops, Users’ mobile devices and customer ERP systems.  The user’s sign-on credentials limit their access to only authorized areas of the solution.  Security zones in the Verian cloud use multiple security protocols to guard against unauthorized access.


We value your supplier and financial data as much as you do

Verian’s cloud is designed to be failure proof.  All customer data is automatically segmented and backed up real time to multiple locations.  All databases have a “mirror image” database immediately available in case of failure, and those databases are backed up as well.

Verian’s multi-tenant cloud uses service oriented cloud architecture.  What that means for users is the processing load is distributed to a variety of servers for faster processing.  All processing traffic is directed to the most responsive server and overall performance is monitored to ensure your transactions are processed quickly.