Verian Gets it Right the first time

Verian Gets it Right the First Time

Verian takes a close look at the commodities you buy, your approval processes, business rules, and supplier base, and then creates a solution that puts you in more control of your spending.


Not only a fast implementation – but better

Our expert implementation staff quickly delivers results.  We develop an implementation schedule that meets your objectives and time constraints.  We prioritize competing goals and keep your project moving.  However, we understand if priorities change and work with you, rather than penalizing you, for not meeting a fixed implementation schedule.


Leverage our deep purchasing and accounts payable expertise

Use the Verian implementation team as a sounding board.  Discuss your most challenging business requirements and how they compare to industry best practices.  Use this project as an opportunity to re-engineer troublesome processes or at least use Verian’s 1,000 workflow configurations to streamline them. 


Gain wide system and supplier adoption

Verian delivers the solution everyone is looking for.  Employees have an easy to use system for processing PO, Non PO and reimbursed spending, managers have better visibility and control of their budgets, executives have a consolidated view of spending details and suppliers have a more efficient way to receive orders, send invoices and check payment status.  Everyone wins!