Our Goal: Your Transformation

See-Manage-SaveOrganizations with strategic purchasing and payables functions deliver 23% higher net profits than those with tactical departments.

See-Manage-Save™ is Verian’s commitment to delivering software, eprocurement expertise and know-how that transforms your purchasing and payables departments from tactical to strategic.

Verian’s easy to use software frees employees from processing transactions to spend strategic time on spend analysis, category management and contract compliance.

What is See-Manage-Save™?

See-Manage-Save™ is Verian working hand in hand with purchasing and AP teams to help them expand their influence and capitalize on savings opportunities across the organization. See-Manage-Save™ automates requisition, purchasing, supplier, inventory, asset, expense and accounts payable management and then systematically capitalizes on savings opportunities across spending categories, suppliers and departments.

Get Verian

  • Gain Foresight: We help clients see over the horizon and realize greater savings
  • Gain Adoption: We provide easy to use solutions that are widely adopted and deliver strategic outcomes
  • Gain Exceptional Value: We deliver what we say we will, when we say we will, at a lower cost of ownership
  • Gain Partnership: We transform your purchasing and payable departments into strategic cost control functions