Applications delivered on the cloud take the burden of hardware, software and infrastructure maintenance away from users – all that is needed is a browser and a working Internet connection.

Business applications delivered on the cloud are becoming so popular that there are some categories of business applications that are solely being delivered on the cloud. Numerous industry research studies conclude cloud applications deliver quick ROI.

The cost benefits of using applications on the cloud are not just monetary. Companies can engage their IT resources for other more mission critical projects and consume their purchasing and invoice processing applications as a service.

Verian’s Cloud Offering – Benefits & Characteristics

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  • Highly scalable World Class Delivery – Verian’s Cloud offering is delivered via a highly scalable infrastructure with high uptime characteristics and complete disaster recovery capabilities.
  • No hardware or software to install – All your end users need is an Internet connection and an Internet browser to access Verian applications on the cloud.
  • Fast implementation – You can be up and running on the Verian cloud application in a matter of weeks. With the highly configurable cloud offering, you have the power to decide how many or how few of the Verian modules you want to enable.
  • Automatic upgrades – Verian cloud applications give you automatic application upgrades at no cost. You do not have to go through long upgrade cycles to get your system upgraded to the latest version. Upgrades happen automatically.
  • Benefits of single code base – Another advantage of the Verian cloud application is that the software running the business application is the same for all customers on the cloud. For the single code base to work accurately for thousands of users at hundreds of companies, these systems have to be thoroughly tested, so you can rest assured that you get the highest quality software.


Verian Security


The Verian application is secure and reliable and can be accessed anywhere at any time. Verian is partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide the infrastructure to support the Verian application.

AWS is a very popular cloud infrastructure provider for computing and virtual storage. Amazon enforces stringent physical, transport and application security. Amazon also has a well-defined backup & restore process as well as disaster recovery capabilities.

Advanced encryption of password and other data during transport enforces security. A state of the art firewall and intrusion prevention system protects the data and provides monitoring capabilities. Advanced disaster recovery processes eliminate loss of data in the event of system failure.

AWS is the same infrastructure that Amazon’s multi-billion dollar business runs on so customers can rest assured that their data and application is secure.