Asset Manager

Gain Full Asset Life Cycle Control.

Keep assets from becoming liabilities by using Verian’s asset management software to automate asset receipt records, tying work order costs to specific assets, tracking warranty or service contracts, identifying asset location and condition, tracking depreciation and salvage value, and forecasting replacement costs.

Keep all your assets properly maintained, take full advantage of service contracts and warranties, track the detailed location of each asset, and develop a thorough audit trail of all movement.

Key Benefits:

  • Get visibility from procurement to disposal
  • Produce cost savings during the asset life cycle
  • Identify and divest unused assets
  • Match work order expenses to specific assets
  • Establish accountability for asset ownership and responsibility
  • Develop a complete audit trail of asset movement and ownership
  • Strengthen Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Keep track of asset warranties and service contracts
  • Quickly identify shrink caused by asset loss or theft
  • Get better ROI from your asset investments


Get better ROI from asset investments by automating asset management functions to improve visibility, tracking, maintenance and reporting.