Verian: Testimonials

Customers share their experiences on how Verian’s suite of software solutions have given them the upper hand — taking their business to the next level of profitability.


“Verian is easy to use and easy to train your users to use.”

-Hope Marsh, Director of Procurement, Source America

Society of Neuroscience

“The budgeting piece has the biggest benefits in matching expenses directly to your budget so you know where you are at any given time.”

– Paul Troxell, Procurement Manager, Society of Neuroscience


“The purchasing module is great for a company like us, and a person like me who is in charge of all of that. It has been great for me and great for DCOR.”

– Doug Ortega, Procurement Manager, DCOR

First Tech Federal Credit Union

“Clearly the Verian modules that we have implemented allow a much faster time to market and therefore a higher return on investment for us. It allows our employees to focus on higher value tasks rather than a lot of manual processes.”

– Cynthia Klustner, SVP, Controller, First Tech Federal Credit Union